Drawing Labelling and Scheduling
Using the latest tracing equipment available we can fully document your electrical system, producing full Distribution Board Schedules, Schematic Drawings and individual labelling of all Main Distribution Equipment.

Risk Assessments
On a larger site a risk assessment can be very useful to prioritise the areas where the most urgent need for a full inspection may be.
A full visual inspection of all Distribution Boards and a general external inspection of local equipment will be undertaken; also a Earth Loop Impedance reading and P.S.C.C would be taken at each Distribution Board.
A report would be produced detailing areas of concern.

Thermographic Surveys
A thermographic survey can be extremely useful for customers wishing to assess potential hazards from an Electrical Distribution system without the need for any power disruptions.
This can be used in conjunction with a full fixed wiring inspection or can be used for sensitive sites where power disruption can cause problems.

Load Analysis
A load analysis can be very useful for fault finding over a period of time.